12 Acts of Kindness 2017

As many of you know, apart from cutting hair, an important part of what we do here at Christine Cordey Salon is try our very best to give back, and do a little good for the wonderful communities that have helped our salon grow into the place it is today. And, as many of you know, these acts (large and small) of giving and kindness all fall under what we’ve titled, Christine Cordey Salon’s 12 Acts of Kindness.

Why do we continue our 12 Acts of Kindness each year? Christine feels that the Warwick and Nyack communities have given her so much; they’ve put her in the position to open her own salon, be able to live comfortably and provide for her family, that she says, “I have enough, I have what I need, and now I just want to give as much as I can, spread as much appreciation and kindness to these communities and those within them that need the extra bit of love.”

Here’s a quick recap of the Acts of Kindness that the salon was able to accomplish this past year :

  1. Collect 100 Pairs of Gloves for the Children at Nyack’s Head Start Preschool

Earlier this January our whole team happily brought 100 pairs of gloves over to Nyack’s Head Start preschool and spent the morning with some smart, adorable kids. Christine read a couple of books, about fish and fairies, and taught the kids a bit of sign language. We sang an interactive song about animals together and played a great game of Simon Says. The kids were wonderful and we feel so blessed to have spent time with them. This Act of Kindness so many of you helped us to accomplish, so thank you for your big hearts and thoughtfulness.

  1. Give Every Teen at the Nyack Center a Gift Certificate to Turiello’s Pizza
  2. Deliver Cookies to Nyack’s Senior Center
  3. Deliver Cookies to Nyack’s Police and Firemen
  4. Our “Find a Rock” and “Random Acts of Kindness” Project

This past summer, we elaborately painted and scattered a handful of river rocks throughout Nyack, each with a message on the back asking if their finder would return them to Christine Cordey Salon. We hid the rocks in some of our favorite local Nyack spots, from Johnny Cakes to Maria Luisa Boutique. Whenever someone popped in having found one of our rocks, Christine would pick an act of kindness out of our Random Acts of Kindness jar, which contained anything from making a donation to the Nyack Center to giving a free blowout at the salon.

  1. Donate Cat and Dog Food to Hi Tor Animal Shelter
  2. Give a Yearlong Keep Rockland Beautiful Membership to a Local Nyack Family
  3. Sponsor a Child through the Warwick Valley Rotary Club

This was such a fun, wonderful act, one that Christine enthusiastically went above and beyond with to spoil one very deserving little girl for the holidays. The boys and girls that are part of this sponsorship program are the children of Warwick’s migrant workers, who are in need of a complete warm winter wardrobe. We had a great time picking out coats, hats, gloves, leggings and fun accessories for our eight year old sponsee, Jaela. By the end of our shopping spree we had two giant bags filled with clothes and gifts for Jaela.

  1. Give the “Gift of Time”

One cold afternoon, this past December, we sent our little salon elves out onto South Broadway to buy a handful of parking slips and place them on the windshields of cars that were about to run out of time on their meter. We hope it was a heartwarming and unexpected little surprise for the car owners!

  1. Leaf Blowing for our SOBRO (South Broadway) Neighbors
  2. Play “You’ve Been Socked!” with our SOBRO Neighbors

One night, a week before this past Christmas, we sent our little salon elves out again, this time to hang stockings stuffed with sweet treats on our SOBRO neighbors’ doorknobs. Each stocking contained a poem, asking that the stocking be filled and passed along several times before Christmas Eve, landing wherever they may land that Christmas morning.

  1. Donate a Holiday Outfit to one Little Girl at the Nyack Center

And that’s a wrap for 2017! We plan on accomplishing at least as much by the end of 2018, and again we cannot thank everyone who helped us check off our entire list enough; you have big, beautiful hearts, thank you.



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