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finest hair careChristine Cordey Salon has contacts internationally which enable us to bring you some of the finest hair care products on the globe. We offer the most effective and gentlest formulations we have found, in order to give you the best results possible – without sacrificing your hair’s health.

And because we know you want your hair to perform and remain its healthiest long after your appointment, we offer these product lines for you to take home, as well.

We are an exclusive salon for Lisap Milano hair products. Made in Italy, this line is the ultimate in European excellence. Lisap Laboratories begin with only the finest yet gentlest ingredients, unlike so many harsh, chemical-heavy domestic brands.

Low-to zero ammonia color product formulations, for example, highlight a list of ingredients that includes essential oils and argan, keratin, coconut extractsargan, keratin, coconut extracts, and other pure botanicals, without harsh chemicals that damage your hair and scalp. You simply can be assured complete confidence in Lisap products’ excellent performance and gentleness.

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eco-friendly, holistic hairChristine Cordey Salon also offers the USA-based Use Me! line of eco-friendly, holistic hair care products, for those who strive to live lifestyles that won’t harm the environment. Plant-derived, hand-blended ingredients such as lavender, chamomile, aloe, green tea, and wheat protein not only boost your hair’s health, but your sense that you’ve helped the earth along the way.

Use Me LogoVarious blends are available for different hair types, and many of our clients with curly hair particularly appreciate this line for their locks.

And because Use Me! originates in Maine, you can rest assured the carbon footprint needed to bring this fine line to you is minimal.

You won’t find Lisap Milano or Use Me! at just any salon; in fact, we are exclusive providers of these fine products. We are extremely pleased and proud to be able to bring this lofty level of excellence to our clients, because we believe you should leave our salon with great hair that lasts.